Spring 2017 AHBR & MSCI Textbooks

Applied Data Management M88-548-01
Instructor: Mike Elliott

  • Required Text: Best Practices in Data Cleaning (13th ed). Osborne, J. SAGE Publications, ISBN: 7981412988018

Epidemiology for Clinical Research  M88-588-01 & M17-588-01
Instructor: Lauren Garfield

  • Required Text: Clinical Epidemiology: The Essentials (5th ed). Fletcher RH, Fletcher SW, Fletcher GS. (2014). Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, ISBN-13: 9781451144475

Foundations of Health Care Research  M88-524-01
Instructor: Patty Cavazos-Rehg

  • Required Text: Research Methods: The Concise Knowledge Base (5th ed). William, T. (2005). ISBN: 9781592601462.
  • Suggested Text: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Ed). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. ISBN-13: 9781433805615

Genomics in Medicine II: Clinical Applications  M17-533-01
Instructor: Mazey Ndonwi and Marcy Vana
No Textbook

Health Education: Methods, Planning and Evaluation  M88-536-01
Instructor: Melissa Chapnick

  • Required Text: Health Program Planning and Evaluation: A practical, systematic approach for community health (3rd Ed). Issel, LM. (2014). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett. ISBN-13: 9781284021042

Industry Partnering: Collaborations in Translational Research M17-519
Instructor: Carl Siekmann
See UCollege WebStac listing for course details.

Intermediate Methods for Clinical and Outcomes Research  M88-589-01 & M17-589-01
Instructor: Anne Marie Dale

  • Required Text: Epidemiology: Beyond the Basics (3rd ed). Szklo, M, Nieto, J. (2012). ISBN-13: 9781449604691

Medical Data & Information Management M17-5301-01
Instructors: Leslie MacIntosh and Albert Lai

  • Required Text: Clinical Research Informatics (2012 Ed). Richesson, R, Andrews, J (2012). ISBN-13: 978-1848824478

Intermediate Statistics for the Health Sciences  M17-524-01
Instructor: Dorina Kallogjeri

  • Required Text: Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPS Statistics (4th ed). Field, A. (2013). ISBN-13: 9781446249185.
  • Suggested Text: Survival Analysis: A Practical Approach (2nd ed). Machin, Cheung and Parmar (2006).

Principles of Management in Health Care Services  M88-532-01
Instructor: Don Rickert

  • Required Text: Creating Your Strategic Plan Workbook  (3rd ed). Bryson, JM., Alston, FK. Wiley. ISBN-13: 9780470405352
  • Required Text: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (13th ed). Covey, S. Simon and Schuster.  ISBN-9781451639612

Project Management in Clinical and Community Settings  M88-508-01
Instructors: Maria Perez and Donna Jeffe

  • Required Text: Practical Research: Planning and Design (11th ed). Leedy, PD, Ormrod, JS. (2012). ISBN-13: 9780133741322

Scientific Writing and Publishing  M17-529-01
Instructor: Jay Piccrillio and Karen Dodson

  • Required Text: Publishing and Presenting Clinical Research (3rd ed). Browner, WS. (2012). Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins. ISBN-13: 9781451115901

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