Survey of Online Training Resources Available at CTSA Hubs

The Clinical Research Training Center of the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science at Washington University in St. Louis conducted a survey in Fall of 2016 of the training resources available online at the CTSA hubs appropriate for T and K level trainees as well as faculty and staff associated with translational research.  At the time of the survey there were 64 institutions with an approved CTSA, 44 responded to the survey. Details of the remaining 20 hubs was obtained by a web search of their websites. Demographic data was obtained through NIH Reporter. In Spring 2017 institutions were asked to review the compiled data and make any necessary corrections before final distribution.

Below are links to the results of the survey:

  • Summary Report (pdf)
  • Spreadsheet (excel)
  • Individual Institutional reports (pdf)
  • Original Survey tool (pdf)

Please direct any questions regarding this survey data to