Graduate Certificate in Health Behavior Planning and Evaluation

The Graduate Certificate in Health Behavior Planning and Evaluation is a 15-credit program, offered by the Graduate Programs in Applied Health Behavior Research, providing enhanced training and skill development valuable to anyone wanting to develop, maintain, and evaluate health behavior and health education programs in clinical and community settings. The Certificate curriculum is focused on key applied and theoretical concepts in health behavior to provide specific educational opportunities for working professionals to expand their areas of expertise.  The certificate also provides a foundation for program development and evaluation activities.  Courses completed for the certificate count toward degree completion if students decide to pursue the master of science degree.

Classes are held at the Washington University School of Medicine campus after 4:00 pm, making this program convenient for working adults and graduate students.

Core Courses for the Health Behavior Graduate Certificate:

  • Project Management in Clinical and Community Settings (M88-508, 3 credits)
  • Health Behavior Theory (M88-514, 3 credits)
  • Health Education: Methods, Planning and Evaluation (M88-536, 3 credits)
  • Evaluation of Health Services Programs (M88-582, 3 credits)

Recommended Electives for the Health Behavior Graduate Certificate:

  • Health Psychology (M88-515, 3 credits)
  • Health Disparities: Applications in Clinical Settings (M88-535, 3 credits)
  • Community Health Promotion (M88-540, 3 credits)
  • Applied Data Management (M88-548, 3 credits)

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