One-Year Research Intensive Master of Science in Applied Health Behavior Research

The one-year, Master of Science in Applied Health Behavior Research (AHBR) degree is a research intensive option designed to be completed in three semesters. It includes hands-on mentored research with faculty who are leaders in their fields, at an institution internationally recognized for groundbreaking work in medicine and research.

The full-time option combines three semesters of coursework with nine credit hours of mentored research.  It is designed for individuals planning careers in a variety of medical and health-related fields. It is an especially good fit for students interested in gaining clinical research experience during a “gap year” prior to applying to doctoral programs or medical school.

Course Details

Required Core Courses:

  • Project Management in Clinical and Community Settings (M88-508, 3 credits)
  • Health Behavior Theory (M88-514, 3 credits)
  • Introduction to Biostatistics (M88-525, 3 credits)
  • Survey Methods: Design and Evaluation (M88-560, 3 credits)

Required Concentration Courses:

  • Mentored Research (M88-505, 9 credits over 3 semesters)
  • Foundations of Health Care Research (M88-524, 3 credits)

Course Descriptions

Classes are held on the Washington University School of Medicine campus in late afternoon or early evening to accommodate graduate students and working adults. See the AHBR Course Descriptions page for more details and syllabi.

Rahul Dey

(Health Behavior Research-Intensive Option, Full Time)
University of Missouri Medical School

At first, I thought this would be a great gap year opportunity before I applied for med school. I wanted some clinical research experience, so that attracted me to program.

My interviewers were very intrigued by the research I was doing. I was able to vouch for what I had already learned; it definitely enhanced my application. A lot of people are looking at healthcare inequities and public health issues which are becoming much more important in the medical field.

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