The Clinical Research Training Center, in coordination with other departments and programs on campus, is excited to provide training opportunities for administrators, coordinators, managers, and nursing staff involved in the design and management of clinical research.

  • Non-Credit Workshop
    There are many non-credit training workshops available on campus, many of which are free or have a minimal charge.
  • Masters Degrees
    There are two master’s degrees at Washington University targeted at staff involved in the administration of clinical research: Master of Science in Applied Health Behavior Research, and Master of Science in Clinical Research Management.
  • Certificates
    In addition to graduate degrees in the clinical research there are also several academic and non-academic certificate options.
  • Open Enrollment Courses
    Staff are also eligible to take individual courses from the above programs as an open enrollment student. See Credit Courses for more information on available courses, registration process and tuition costs.
  • Accelerating Clinical Coordinator Excellence
    Helps to promote excellence and professional development for clinical research professionals.