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KL2 Career Development Awards

The KL2 Career Development Awards Program at Washington University in St. Louis provides high-quality, multidisciplinary training in clinical and translational research to promote the career development of future clinical investigators. This program provides financial support and benefits that allow scholars to focus on mentored, multidisciplinary research, supplemented by applicable coursework.

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Mentored Training Program in Clinical Investigation

  • Open to qualified applicants from WashU or an ICTS partner institution

The Postdoctoral Mentored Training Program in Clinical Investigation (MTPCI) provides multidisciplinary clinical and translational research training to promote the career development of junior faculty and postdoctoral fellows by helping them become clinical and translational researchers.

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Paul Calabresi K12 Career Development Award Program in Clinical Oncology

The goal of the K12 Paul Calabresi Career Development Award for Clinical Oncology is to train a new generation of highly  skilled investigators with specialized expertise who will be well prepared to lead cancer research.  The K12 Clinical Oncology program supports the development of postdoctoral scholars and junior faculty through patient oriented cancer research training, curricula, and mentored projects.