Trainees in the TL1 Postdoctoral Training Program participate in one of three tracks:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Research Innovation and Technology Transfer, or
  • Dissemination and Implementation


This area of focus will study the translation of biomedical research into viable technologies and startups. Primary mentoring will be with the Skandalaris Center and applicants are required to contact the center and review their project prior to submitting their application. Trainees will focus on learning and experiencing new ways to translate scientific discoveries into commercializable products and innovations in order to improve human health. Our objective is to better equip trainees to distill and advance the most promising opportunities to improve human health through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Research Innovation and Technology Transfer 

Training will focus on identifying past and current trends with the goal of identifying novel opportunities for future improvement via entrepreneurial activities. By blending innovation in both the research and commercial strategies underlying the approval of new biomedical products, the Center for Research Innovation in Biotechnology (CRIB) seeks to anticipate future unmet needs and opportunities to ensure and maximize the efficiency and continuity of new medical innovations. Trainees will identify and analyze the sources of innovation responsible for the creation of medical interventions, including pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and medical devices. Trainees in this track will also participate in the evaluation of Washington University discoveries for commercial potential and identify current factors responsible for affecting the commercialization and licensing of technologies. Trainees will receive additional opportunities to learn about patenting, licensing, and technology transfer via didactic and experiential training in the Washington University Office of Technology Management. Applicants are required to contact Dr. Michael Kinch and review their project prior to submitting their application.

Dissemination and Implementation

Dissemination and implementation (D&I) research is the scientific study of methods to promote the uptake of proven clinical treatments, programs, and policies into routine use in new settings. It seeks to understand the process of factors that are associated with successful integration of evidence-based interventions within a particular setting. Closing the gap between discovery and practice is both a challenge and a necessity if we are to ensure all populations benefit from the nation’s investments in scientific discovery. Applicants are required to contact Dr. Elvin H. Geng MD, MPH, and review their project prior to submitting their application. Trainees will have the opportunity to work with world leaders in D&I research and will have the opportunity to participate in targeted externship experiences.

MD or MD/PhD Clinical Fellowship

This is a two-year program for MD Clinical Fellows who are interested in learning about the translation of biomedical and clinical research into improved patient care. MD Clinical Fellows who are interested in identifying novel opportunities for entrepreneurial activities, technology transfer, commercialization of intellectual property are also welcomed to apply.