KL2’s Attend 2016 Association for Clinical and Translational Science (ACTS) Meeting

The Annual ACTS Meeting was held April 13-15, 2016 in Washington DC and attended this year by 7 Washington University KL2 scholars, 6 of whom presented posters. This conference was developed to bring together all of the disciplines involved in clinical and translational research, for the shared benefits of networking and education.  The meeting is held each April and is open to TL1 and KL2 Scholars nationwide.  The meeting hopes to inspire the participants by identifying the great successes of clinical and translational research, providing the participants with the newest and most valuable information in clinical and translational science, and allowing all participants an opportunity to present their research to a supportive group of their peers, educators and senior investigators.

2016NationalConference_KL2KL2 Scholars pictured (left to right): Gordon Smith, PhD, Rajat Dhar, MD, FRCPC, Fahd Ahmad, MD, KL2 Co-Director pictured (far right): Jane Garbutt, MBChB

U KL2 Scholar, Jennie Kwon, DO (left), KL2 Co-Director, Jane Garbutt, MBChB (right)

U KL2 Scholar, Brendan Lucey, MD (left)

U KL2 Scholar, Zachary Vesoulis, MD (left) discusses his poster with TL1 Predoctoral Scholar Sam Nemanich (right)

U KL2 Scholar, Jun Yoshino, MD, PhD (right)